Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) FAQ

When is SEP 2016 and what will it cost? Are there still scholarships available?
SEP 2016 will be held July 17-30. The cost of tuition will be the same as last year—$1,595 plus a $50 nonrefundable application fee. Need-based scholarships will again be available.

Where will SEP 2016 be held?
SEP 2016 will be held once again on the University of Oregon campus.

How and when can I register for SEP 2016?
Registration for SEP 2016 will open March 7. Details will be posted to http://oakhillschool.com/summer-camps/.

Will the traditions, focus or “spirit” of SEP change? 
SEP has always and will continue to build community. As a past camper eloquently stated:
“SEP was the first place that made it clear that smart is unequivocally cool, and better yet, that there are all kinds of ‘smart.’ I learned how to be cool and weird, strong and honest, brave and kind. I grew into a complete human because of the soft skills I learned in my time at SEP.”
Both Oak Hill and the UO College of Education (COE) want to honor and continue as much of the tradition and spirit of SEP as possible, and will be seeking input from the SEP community.

Why is Oak Hill assuming leadership of SEP?
Oak Hill School has a legacy of supporting talented and gifted education and didn’t want to see SEP canceled. Oak Hill School’s mission is to provide the best K-12 education, creating caring and responsible critical thinkers. It was a natural fit to add SEP.

What are the UO’s and Oak Hill’s respective roles for SEP 2016?
The UO will have an advisory role in hiring and curriculum building, and in planning/operations. The UO also will appoint staff to facilitate connections between the program and UO academic staff.

Will SEP continue to serve as a “college preview?”
Absolutely. This is an essential aspect of SEP that we all want to preserve.

Will SEP continue to be a residential program?

Who will be the SEP instructors going forward?
We are actively recruiting from former instructor pools and are using the same expectations as before for instructor selection. The COE will work with Oak Hill on the hiring process.

Who will be the SEP counselors and administrators going forward?
Meritorious counselors with previous SEP experience will be hired back. Some administrative staff will return. The primary points of contact for SEP 2016 will be Brian Flannery from the COE and Cyndy Meno at Oak Hill.

How will the UO and Oak Hill involve the SEP community, both for the 2016 program and beyond?
Oak Hill will take the lead on involving the SEP community going forward, via an advisory council and face-to-face meetings. Marjorie DeBuse has agreed to work with Oak Hill, as a consultant, to support SEP.